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Entry #2

Lonleyest page in new grounds

2015-11-23 03:54:32 by jackncoe

.........why                      Just   Why .   Just end it end this lonely account 




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2015-11-23 04:38:02

Don't do it!

(Updated ) jackncoe responds:

just do it make your dreams come true and also check out my art


2015-11-23 05:10:57

well, you should've payed more attention to the account... so.... stop complaining and start working....

(Updated ) jackncoe responds:

holy crap ppl actually noticed this account thank you miss virus might i add lovely drawings


2015-11-24 20:17:54

When I wrote 'don't do it',I meant that you shouldn't give up on this account but thanks for the advice!


2015-11-25 02:41:54

you're welcome sweetheart!
also, thank you!